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Tips to kickstart your healthy lifestyle

Tips to kickstart your healthy lifestyle

It’s a brand-new year and you’ve probably made some promises to yourself regarding your diet.

LISTEN | Impostor syndrome and daring greatly

Few things, if there are any, compare going through life feeling like you are not good enough and having a listening to a little voice that makes you doubt yourself and your achievements, moreover that makes you afraid of going for the things that you want to attain. In this episode, I speak to Omila Gqoboka about the effect that the impostor syndrome has had in her life, how she continuously overcomes it and how she has dared the odds in creating the life that she wanted to live.

Don't let work break your back

According to the Our World in Data survey conducted by Oxford University in December 2019, SA is among the countries with the longest working hours – an average of 2,209 hours annually. In essence, those who are fortunate enough to be employed amid the high employment rate spend a significant portion of their lives doing work.

Partnering with a coach can advance your career

The decision to change careers is one that should not be taken lightly. Without realising it, the imbalance we may experience in other parts of our lives, may subconsciously stress us in our career. This can take a knock on our self-esteem and lead us to ask difficult open-ended questions about our competence.

Toyota is world's most desired car on Google, but SA prefers BMWs

Google Trends data analysed by price comparison website Compare the Market reveals that Toyota is the world’s most searched car brand for the second consecutive year

Kruger included in TikTok top 10 of world’s most popular national parks

The Kruger National Park is the ninth most popular national park in the world on TikTok.

Back to school menu to kickstart kids' day

Whether your children will be learning virtually or physically going to school here is a simple back to school menu to help brighten up their day.Breakfast:

LISTEN | Living positively

Keeping a positive attitude is what enables us to live a positive life but it feels more of a stretch each day with all the negativity that surrounds us.

Best foot forward as you step into the new year

Armed with determination and lessons learnt in 2021, we can work towards the intentions we have set and have plenty to celebrate by the end of this year.

The Galaxy A52s 5G is Samsung's best-value smartphone yet

SPONSORED | This 5G-enabled gadget is more affordable than you’d expect given it's packed with all sorts of hi-tech features

BMW i7 tested in punishing heat

Ahead of the new 7-Series reveal, the manufacturer released camouflaged images of its i7, undergoing hot weather testing.

Stress is contagious in relationships — here’s what you can do to support your partner and boost your own health

Relationship stress can alter the immune, endocrine and cardiovascular systems.

Make the most of mango season with these mouth-watering recipes

SPONSORED | Beyond being delicious and nutritious, mangoes are incredibly versatile so you can enjoy them for breakfast, lunch and dinner — or any time in between

Make these two easy, show-stopping desserts using cherries

The cherry season may be short but the flavour everlasting with two easy show-stopping desserts.

SNAPS | Former Miss Universe Zozi Tunzi stuns in natural hair photo shoot

In 2019, Tunzi started a natural hair movement when she competed for the Miss Universe crown and won. Women and girls around the world lauded her for representing them on a global stage.

10 tips for safe and seamless travel with Uber these holidays

SPONSORED | Find out about the transport company's new safety features, special deals and more

Can cheese give you nightmares? 10 fascinating facts about this popular food

Cheese Gourmet expert shares some cheesy wisdom.

You can now use your Standard Bank UCount Rewards Points at Game

SPONSORED | Game is the latest in a long list of Rewards Retailers who have partnered with the bank

Online 'pandemic romance' leads to proposal

A comment on a Facebook post from a friend she last saw 20 years ago has led to a friendship turning into a fully fledged relationship, culminating in the man asking the woman to marry him this weekend.

Painting pig’s purse R300k heavier thanks to German collector

Within 72 hours of its release, the newest masterpiece by SA's famous painting porker Pigcasso was snapped up by a German art collector for just more than R300,000.

Famous Lord Charles Hotel plans to reopen next year

The Lord Charles Hotel in Somerset West in the Western Cape, which shut its doors in August 2020, is set to reopen under new ownership early next year.

Nibble on a festive and edible savoury or sweet Christmas tree

It’s a new take on the decorative tree, except this one is edible and taking social media by storm.

Avoid eating cabbage in January

Christmas time often breaks the bank. But if you are intentional with your shopping you can find a number of bargains that can prevent you from eating cabbage throughout January.

Good reads for the holiday season

If you're looking for a good book to read these holidays then look no further. Here are some that have made it on to our list.

Here’s how Cape Town plans to make it safer to eat out this festive season

Certain streets in Cape Town will be closed to vehicles and open for pedestrians and diners only, allowing restaurants to use the street space for more safe outdoor seating.

Christmas lunch: Seven colours that went to private school

Christmas lunch is a family affair at chef Marcus Modimokwane’s home. Everybody pitches in and, as in most families, there are some dishes that always make it to the table. For the Modimokwanes, beef stew is a staple on the menu, but his personal favourite is stuffed fish. “I love fish, so I’ll make maybe two or three whole fish for the family — it’s easy to make and everybody loves it,” says Modimokwane, who stuffs the fish with lemon, garlic, and fresh parsley.

Complement food and drink for festive fare and cheer

Whether it’s Christmas or a break from work, the festive season is often a great time to get together with family. And nothing keeps a colourful collection of close-knit loved ones quite like food.

Festive season black tax a headache for many

After a year’s hard work in the city, it is almost expected for one to come home to financial expectations that need to be fulfilled.

LISTEN | Healing, growth and self – development

In our lives there is a constant moving and shifting as we grow into different parts of ourselves and our journey.
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